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Dining Out With Kids

Having kids is great but there are many things that can be difficult to do once you have kids. Many couples find themselves severely limited when it comes to going out and moving about. Having even just a single kid with you comes with many changes and you will have to make many considerations before you can go to various places.

However, it also does not mean that you should stay home all day if you have kids. It is feasible to have your kid or kids tag along with you if you are going out. One of the most challenging things to do outside with kids is dining out, but it can also be an enjoyable and fun thing to do with a little preparation and foresight. Below are some things that will help you.

  • Choose your restaurant. Sometimes the key to dining out successfully with your kids is the restaurant that you will choose. Almost every mall in the Philippines has a few child-friendly restaurants that you can choose from. If your child is still very small, chose from those that have child seats or high chairs. Also, make sure that the ambiance in the restaurant is not quiet and serious. Go for those that can tolerate a considerable amount of noise. You may also want to choose one that has an outdoor area like some of the restaurants in Greenbelt, Makati, so that you have the option of sitting with your family outside.
  • Bring your kid’s stuff. Restaurants often let you wait for your food and this can be a source of trouble for you if your child becomes impatient and bored. Address this problem by bringing along some small toys that your child can play with quietly or some coloring books and crayons to help pass the time. Nowadays, a lot of kids play with iPads, mobile phones, and tablets, but be wary about letting your kid have too much time with these gadgets as they can make him or her more fidgety afterwards.
  • Give a ‘prep’ talk. A ‘prep’ talk is a talk you have with your kid that prepares him or her for what is going to happen. Do not just bring your child to an establishment without telling him or her that you will go and have your meals there. This will be a huge help in preparing your child on how to behave and what let him or her know what behavior are expected.