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Tips make sure You’re a Good Parent

Taking care of your children can be a complicated process. While there are many useful books and tips on this subject, several myths also exist. In this article, we will examine some of the best strategies to educate and teach your kids, in order to raise them in the best way possible. Read on.

Show physical affection for your child. Human beings naturally crave touch. Whether it’s a hug or a kiss or just a simple pat on the head, touch can be a great way to connect with and show affection for your child. Touch is especially important when they’re sick or feeling sad, since it will comfort them.

When you’re out an about, make sure you introduce your child to anyone you meet. This helps their self-esteem and gets them used to meeting new people. If you don’t introduce your child, you make them feel invisible and ignored. It’s important that your child feel loved and like they’re part of the family.

If you have a difficult or especially demanding toddler, consider part-time daycare or nursery school. These options allow you maintain most of the control in raising your child, but still get them out of the house. Nursery school can provide a situation in which your child is being cared for by someone who won’t give in to their demands and doesn’t mind if they cry.

Let the baby nurse as long as he is still actively sucking with deep drawn motions. If the baby starts to slow down, hold down on your breast for a few seconds to release more milk. If he is still hungry, this will get him going again. If he does not respond then try switching sides as he may have emptied that breast.

Develop patience when dealing with a breastfeed baby who is trying to learn how to use a bottle. Breastfeeding comes naturally to them and bottle feeding doesn’t. Make it a gradual process for the baby so that they are ready to transition when you are. It won’t happen overnight so stay calm and just keep trying.

While going through a divorce with younger children, it is important to give them only the information that is necessary for them to understand. No excess information should be given to the young children or it could hurt their impression of the parent. Your kids should not feel any effect of their parents divorce, even though they always do.

Learn to breastfeed your baby in public so that you will be able to breastfeed for your child’s first year of life. Mothers who have not learned how to discretely nurse in public tend to start offering bottles and that is usually the beginning of the end of a breastfeeding relationship.

As the article concluded, good parenting depends on good education. By following credible information and useful tips, you can discover and implement several winning strategies to know your kids better, to be a good parent and to teach your kids the lessons they need to live a great life.

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting involves an open network of unbridled conversation between you can your child along with the sharing of insight.

If you want to be fathers and mothers who are always there for their children, you can read about ways to achieve this.

• Be a Reliable Force that is Always Present:

Whether you are parents to a two year old or a teen, you should know that your ward is in constant need of your acceptance and support. There exists no age when you can let your teen think he or she is not important to you. You must also know that kids understand your intent through your actions. So if you hope to be the reliable force that is always present, be there for your toddler by not missing out on feed and nap time.

Parents of kids who are between ages two and five can get involved with them in activities during play time. Be it building blocks, a toy tea party or setting up a house of cards, you can always get down and spend some quality time with your ward.

• It is Crucial to have a Regular Talk about School:

School is a time when your ward is away from you for the better part of the day. This is a space where your offspring can be bullied, coerced or simply left out of things by the other children. Therefore, one of the most important positive parenting tips is to get a complete account of your ward’s day at school. Getting into a friendly conversation about this on a day to day basis can show you warning signs that let you know when your ward is in trouble.

Even though you may be tempted to know your kid’s progress, keep the conversation simple and friendly. You want your sons to be able to come to you about issues rather than hiding them or making silly decisions.

• Facilitate Emotional Maturity the Right Way:

Gaining maturity early on is a great way to help your little one make all the right decisions. Help your pre-teens develop emotional astuteness by categorizing feelings as constructive and destructive ones. This is a great exercise for little ones who do not understand the motive behind anger, jealousy and greed. If you can help them comprehend the fact that feelings like selfishness and pride are not so desirable, you succeed. At the same time, remember to propagate feelings of empathy, happiness and being selfless.

Doing something as simple as applauding your youngster for academic achievements or commending her for a considerate attitude toward a classmate can go a long way. Most children are eager to please parents and constantly look for ways to make their folks proud. You can give them a way to do this with these effective positive parenting tips.

Way survive as a Single Parent

Being a parent is hard enough. What should they be eating? Maybe you shouldn’t be feeding them those types of foods… those aren’t organic! What fabric softener should you be using? Are you spending enough time with them? Why does my child keep fighting on the playground? These are questions that you may ask yourself every day, and there are times when you might feel like nothing that you do is good enough.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to parenting, and then there is a whole other side to the task; one that is unfortunately very common- and that is being a single parent. It is never ideal having to face challenges alone, let alone one of them being the insurmountable task of raising another human being! In addition to the financial, physical and emotional loneliness, it can also be hard to maintain a balance between your role as a parent and as someone who has needs of their own.

The fact is that you may have found yourself, through any circumstance, as a single parent. What now? Is it possible to not only survive, but thrive as a single parent too? Of course it is! After all, one of the parts of being a good parent is being a good example, and a good example means a strong, happy parent who survives, thrives and excels beyond that. Here are some tips for surviving and thriving as a single parent:

  • It takes a village… There is an old saying that goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child;’ and this could not be more true. After all, it is hard to survive without any support. However possible, rally people around you and your little ones. Make friends with the parents of your child’s friends. If you can afford it, get a nanny who can spend lots of time with you and your child – enough time that you trust them to help with your child when you have to run an errand or attend an event. If you have family nearby, nurture the relationships. After all, not only will this help you get by in times of need (such as when you are sick, or have a work commitment), but it also brings a lot more love and attention into your child’s life, which is just what every little one needs.
  • Your workplace. Be candid with your boss and colleagues. Make it clear up front that you have a child and are doing it alone. At all costs, do your best to avoid working for a company that is not understanding of your responsibilities. If you have to leave early to attend a parent-teacher meeting, or need to take a day of leave to nurse your sick child, you need to know that your company has your back. If you are working for a larger corporation, or one that is not as lenient as you would like, know your rights. You have the right to take family responsibility leave if your child is sick (although you will need a Doctor’s note), and you have the right to work reasonable hours if you are not being paid overtime. Even if you are a workaholic, do your utmost best to separate your work life from your home life. Your child comes first, and remember, to a child, love equals quality time!
  • Make an effort to have ‘you time.‘ ‘Me time?’ you ask, ‘what’s that?’ Although it can seem impossible when you are so busy trying to work and raise a little one (or ones) all on your own, it is possible and actually crucial that you make an effort to spend time pampering yourself. Hire a babysitter, lean on friends or arrange a playdate so that you can take some time out to meet with friends, go to the spa, or even just to have an afternoon nap.
  • Talk to people. Find someone to confide in. It’s okay if you don’t feel strong all the time, and talking about your problems helps! Even if your friends aren’t single parents or parents at all, don’t underestimate their love for you, and their willingness to lend an ear.
  • Try to further yourself. Even if you can only set aside an hour or so each evening to do an online course or correspondence degree, do something that you feel will help your future. Whether it’s a short course that builds on your existing degree, or taking the time to learn a new language, by learning something new, and being proud of yourself, you will feel like you have some sort of end in sight to your current struggles.
  • Do something you enjoy as often as you can. This should always include exercise! Be active, and get those endorphins pumping! Download exercise videos that you can do in the morning or evening, in the comfort of your own home, when your child is asleep. Go for walks with your little ones and, if you have them, drag the doggies along with you. Read a book in the bath every night; dance while you cook – find joy in the little moments and the simple things. This is your life, and you are living it right now. You deserve to be happy.

Even when you are married with kids, it can be tough to stay afloat, sane and balanced. Being a single parent is another ballgame all together. By following the abovementioned points, you may start to feel like you are not only surviving, but also thriving. But all this aside, remember just how rewarding your job is. Sure, you’re a mom or a dad, and it’s not always easy, but it is worth it. So, the next time that you are feeling overwhelmed, like you are in over your head and barely surviving, cuddle up on the couch with your kid, chat to them about their day and let your heart fill with love. After all, that deep, unconditional love is exactly what keeps you going no matter how hard the going gets.

Effective Strategies for Managing Stress and Anger Parents

When we have more responsibilities, we become more stressful and this stress creates anger. And parenting is that kind of job that comes with a number of responsibilities that are not only difficult to manage but also make us angry sometimes. A lot of expectations from the family and children can also create angry emotions in both parents. No matter, whether you have one child or more, no matter how disciplined your children are, you can’t run away from stress and angry emotions that occur at least once a day while parenting your kids. We know that you cannot remove all the tensions from your life but you can learn the strategies to manage the unpleasant situations that occur in everyday’s life.

Children are the heart of every parent. But, there are some situations that make parents angry. So, here are some effective strategies for stress and anger management for parents that will guide you how to react when situation is opposite to you and tips to manage your anger:

  • Notice which behavior of your children is intolerable for you and makes you angry. Start working on it calmly.
  • Anger is not the thing that can be removed by just reading a parenting book and thinking we will not become anger again. It will take time and you have to make some effective measures.
  • Notice your patience level and avoid any interaction with your child when you are angry or stressed.
  • Try to keep your stress level down. Go for exercises, meditation, and also listening to music also helps to keep you calm.
  • Do you really hear what your child tries to say? It may also happen that you are wrong at some situations. So, listen to your child carefully and see the situation from his point of view also.
  • Spend some quality time with your child, as this will help to build a strong relation between you and your child.
  • You can join some parenting classes that can effectively help you to manage stress and anger that is making your family life complicated.

Hope the above strategies will help you to manage stress which also causes anger in you and make your life difficult. Building a healthy and friendly relationship with your children makes you more confident and a stress-free parent. And when all stress is away from your home, there is no place of anger also.

Effective Parenting for Ultimate Parents

An ultimate parent is that who has a very strong and respectful bond with his/her child. Parenting becomes extremely difficult if the father and mother have different parenting styles. Did you ever notice what type of parenting style you are using with your child? Are you having a lot of expectations from your child? According to you, what is the best method of parenting?

Parenting cannot be taken as just a responsibility that you have to fulfill. Instead, it’s a feeling of love, care and wishes to raise your kids as a successful and confident person. But, how you children think and behave totally depends on the style of parenting you are using with him. Do you know about different styles of parenting? Do you really want to become an ultimate parent? Let’s explore here some styles or methods of parenting so that you have a clear understanding of what you are expecting and what to expect from your child:

Aggressive Parenting Style

Parents are very strict with many rules and harsh punishment on the negotiation of that rules. Parents expect a very high level of respect and obedience and there is not any direct communication with kids. Parents who follow this style do not have a good bond with their kids. Also, children become less confident.

Confident or Assertive Style

This style comes up with some rules, however, some expectations are also allowed. Parents have reasonable expectations from their children that every child easily fulfill. There is a direct and clear communication between parents and their child. The assertive style is the method of practicing patience, affection, and consistency.

Lenient or Permissive Style

This kind of style is known as permissive parenting. In this, parents are somewhat lenient with their kids. They set up only a few and easy rules for kids and no any harsh punishment on breaking that rules. This style comes up with only a few boundaries for kids and fulfillment of basic needs. This method protects your child from many negative consequences of life.

Uninvolved Style of Parenting

This method is adopted by those parents who totally neglect their child behavior whether it is positive or negative. These parents only fulfill materialistic needs of their children instead of social and emotional needs. They keep themselves busy in their own life, work or business etc. This style has a very negative effect on brain development of kids.

Hope, you are cleared about different parenting styles now. Many parents adopt a combination of two or three depending on their wishes and needs.

The Benefits of Parenting Coaching

Undoubtedly, parenting is the most joyful job in the world but sometimes, it becomes the biggest adventure of your life. Many parents compromise with their career opportunities to nurture their children carefully and lovingly. Becoming a successful parent is not easy. You have to be more careful and responsible. However, for maintaining your work, home and also relationship you need to be strengthening yourself to overcome parenting challenges. And for this, an efficient parenting coaching can make your task easy.

A parenting coaching program can help you deal with many issues you face every day, as well as improve your interaction with your kids. You will get some inspiring ideas for the better growth of your kids. A proficient parent coach pays attention carefully, asks some crucial questions, provides powerful solutions and offers you some plans to implement so that you can turn your relations with your family and children in a positive and effective manner. A parent coach guides you toward the development of more effective behavior, leading to a finer balance in your family. Know how parenting coaching work for you and your child and make you a stress-free and empowered parent:

  • Learn how to respond to unusual situations that arise with your child instead of reacting to them.
  • A good parenting coaching helps you to create healthier and happiest environment at home.
  • It helps to build a good bond with your children as well as your spouse.
  • As children grow, their behavior changes, demands changes and also there are some different situations arise at home which is difficult to handle. Parenting coaching helps you to deal with all these problems easily.
  • It also trains you how to communicate with your child. As communication is the major factor that has a direct impact on any relationship.
  • Parenting coaching guides you to get your child’s attention. It can provide such tips and tricks that your child itself will discuss the important things with you.
  • These classes help you to remain cool when your child is yelling.

So, parenting coaching helps you to deal with the various issues that you face as a parent. When raising a child, parents often need some tips or tricks to deal with children changing behavior which sometimes become a big challenge for some parents. Parenting coaching also provides special counseling to parents if they are going through some more challenging situations.

Activities to make Bonding Time with Kids Health

Kids seem to have all the time in the world. As a parent you want that time to count as quality, meaning bonding + learning + fitness. Don’t worry, your kids will love it as long the equation doesn’t say ‘= boring’. Here are suggestions on how you can make your bonding time with kids healthier.

Walk, Run, Bike

An activity you can have with your children is walking. The good thing about walking is it’s a simple cardio activity. And when your kids get bored, they can just run. You can also teach your children how to ride a bike or, if they already know how, you can bike with them. But remember to fit your kids with good shoes which can support their young feet. Reebok shoes for instance, has a wide selection of kids shoes which have good cushioning and grip for active children. Some shoes have funky outsoles designs-like shapes and letters-your kids will love. What can kids learn from these activities? Balance and coordination.

Teach Them a Sport

Today, some children learn sports through apps and gadgets. Put away the gadgets and teach those sports the old school way- physically learning it- and not analyzing a computerized Kevin Durant’s moves. Basketball, for example, is a great sport to teach. Get them excited by teaching them how to dribble, pass and shoot. Football is another great sport your children can enjoy. What can kids learn from sports? Besides coordination and balance, they can learn discipline. When they start playing with other they will learn teamwork and sportsmanship.


Kite flying has been a lost activity since gadgets became popular. But it’s a fun activity for parents and kids. You can make a kite and teach your kids to fly it, then let them fly without your help. What can kids learn? Well, they can learn to be more methodical as they create the kite and as they fly it, because they should be aware of the wind and directions. Control is also a lesson they can learn.

Walk or Play With the Dog

Kids love pets. And pets seem to love children too, despite kids losing their minds when the pets are ‘so fluffy’. So bring a long your kids when you walk the dog. What can your kids learn from this? A sense of responsibility for taking care of their pet. Empathy too, if you teach them that dogs to feel pain (despite being fluffy) when they play with them too hard. By the way, you can play fetch too. It’s good cardio for your kids… as well as Fido.

Beach activities

What’s more fun and shouts of active than going to the beach? You and your kids can swim, build sand castles (and smash them when your kids pretend to be dinosaurs), run and play all sorts of beach games. While you can’t bring your child’s trusty Reebok shoes on the beach to protect their feet, you can fit them with aqua shoes or slippers. Speedo is a preferred brand when it comes to beach or pool related wear. The brand caters to young feet too. What can kids learn from beach activities? In swimming, confidence in themselves that they won’t sink. They can learn coordination as well. Throw in information about taking care of the marine life and nature.

The great part about trying all these suggestions out is you not only get to bond with yourchildren and make them healthier, but keep yourself in shape too.

The Most of Summer with Family

When the weather turns nice and the kids are out of school, it’s natural for families to start looking for things that they can do as a group. The ability to bond and have fun as a family is one of the most important parts of creating strong relationships and growing the family dynamic, so getting to do so outside while enjoying nature and being active is a sure way to create a lifetime of great memories.

However, finding the right activities for families in Atlanta can be a challenge. You want to make sure that you find something that everyone has the ability to accomplish, or it’s going to be frustrating rather than fun. If the activity is too simple, your family members are likely to get bored. Here are a few ideas that should help satisfy every requirement you need for a great family outing.

Connect with Nature

A walk through a beautiful area isn’t the most strenuous activity, so it’s perfect for anyone, regardless of their physical skill level. A great way to make sure that your walk is enjoyable is to take a walk in an area full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. An azalea garden is ideal for such a plan. The beauty of the garden will keep all of your family members engaged with the scenery throughout your walk, so much so that you might not even realize that you’re getting exercise while you’re enjoying the flowers.

Another great way to get out and enjoy nature is to walk through a butterfly garden. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and your family will enjoy watching them interact in a fun and safe environment. They might even land on you, which creates a great picture that you and your family will smile about for quite a while.

You can even use the interaction with nature as a teaching opportunity by letting your children interact with the trees and insects and then asking them about their experiences afterward.

Try a Thrilling Activity

A great way to build relationships and trust is to try to complete an obstacle course as a family. If everyone is up for it, you can really learn a lot about yourself and your family as you try to navigate through nature to achieve a common goal. You can have your own internal competition as you and your family try to see who can get the course done the quickest.

Other great ways to get outside and have some thrills include enjoying the water. It’s always thrilling to try something different when you have a chance to do so, and it’s even better when you and your family can try a new experience together. Kayaking, boating, and water skiing are great ways to try something new and have some fun at the same time.

When people in Georgia look back on their summer fun, activities for families in Atlanta are usually what brings the biggest smiles to their faces. By taking some time to plan and do something different, you can make sure you and your family are part of that group.

Tips for New Moms

Becoming a mother is one of the experiences that a woman always cherishes. It is a time of mixed emotions of joy, happiness, excitement and worry too. As a mother you want to the best for your newborn but you need to believe the fact that you are new mom too. So you too would take time to adjust to this new phase of your life. During this time you need all the support and care so don’t shy away from asking for it. You may ask for help and guidance from your mother or mon-in-law or any experienced mother you know. However, don’t blindly follow whatever they tell you as too much of interference might not be good as well. Here are few tips that would help new moms take care of their newborns in the initial stage of motherhood.

At the hospital

You may have had either a normal or a cesarean baby based on which your stay and your baby’s stay in the hospital is decided. Once you are ready to leave the hospital with your little one it is important to check on a few things would help you take care of baby in the initial weeks.

  • How to figure out that your baby is hungry
  • How frequently should you feed the baby
  • How to breastfeed correctly
  • The proper way to bathe your little one
  • What are the precautions that you need to take for your health.
  • The date of the checkup for your baby and yourself.
  • The contact details of the pediatrician.
  • Any other essential tips that may be helpful.

At Home

Bringing the baby home is a great and an awesome feeling. It is a good idea to make your home baby-ready beforehand as it gives you more time to concentrate on the baby rather than the essentials for him/her.

It is always better to buy the baby essentials like diapers, cot, pram, clothes, soap, powder, cream and baby oil before you reach home so that you don’t have to run around once home. Seek your partner’s or a guardian’s help for the same.

  • You would take some time to settle and so would your baby. Be prepared for the initial unsettling days and don’t panic.
  • It may be difficult for handling your baby alone in the first few weeks, so seek support from any family member like your spouse, mom, or mom-in-law.
  • Do not try being a superwoman and handle everything single handedly.
  • Take care of your health and do not neglect it. A healthy mother would only be take care of the baby well.
  • You need a proper diet so make it a point to have nutritious meals. If you can’t manage to cook then ask a family member to do so or get a cook.
  • You may feel exhausted, tired, nervous at times which is termed as baby-blues. Don’t worry it is just a phase that most women go through and you too would scale through.
  • A newborn brings joy to family and friends and all would want to meet her. However it is perfectly fine for you to decide when and how frequently you want them to visit. They say a mother knows what is best for the baby, so decide accordingly.
  • Your baby would take time to adjust to a sleeping pattern. To ease that you can turn off the hone ringers and any loud sound around so that your little one is comfortable and can sleep well.
  • The social media is now loaded with groups and forums that can help new mothers. Join such groups and share your experience and queries. You would surely find a lot of support.

A newborn truly brings a lot of joy and happiness and as a mother you always want the best for your little one. Please understand as a new mom you would also take some time to lean and adjust and it is OK. The catch is not to panic and also not to go overboard. Take it easy and enjoy the moments.

Tips to Dress up Your Baby Girl

Australia is one of the greatest places on this planet to raise a child. The country offers a lot of good things to girls. When it comes to fashion, Australia is an early adopter of fashionable clothes that’s on trend right now. With online shopping websites displaying their latest collections, online shoppers can choose from a number of options. Online clothing stores have a huge collection for little girl too. Baby girl dresses boutique online offer an extensive range of clothes and accessories to make your baby girl look smart and stylish.

Choosing clothes by age

The good thing about dressing baby girls is that you can make them try anything and everything. You can experiment with different looks, designs and patterns. A good girl clothes boutique in Australia will offer dresses by age. You can choose the right age and browse for clothes. It is always advisable to buy clothes one size bigger since kids tend to grow up fast. Besides it is better to have clothes that are a wee bit bigger than buy something that is too tight or doesn’t fit after using it for a short time. If you are used to buying clothes in Europe and are not sure of what the Australian sizes are, you can always refer to the clothing website to get the correct size conversions.

Experiment with colors

‘Pink is for girls and blue is for boys’; you probably would have heard this number of times. In fact this colour theory starts right from the time your baby girl or boy is born. From wrapping the baby in a pink or blue blanket to friends gifting toys and other baby stuff in either of these colours, you possibly would have seen it all. Each colour has its own meaning and significance. While you don’t have to get into the colour psychology of each colour to dress your little girl, you shouldn’t be hesitant to try clothes of different colours. A boutique for girls in Australia will offer comfortable yet stylish dresses in a number of different colours which you can try on your little girl.

Choosing clothes for toddlers

Toddler clothes in a baby girl clothes boutique usually come with some extra space in the back to accommodate a diaper. If your toddler girl loves to run around, then it is better to buy clothes that will stretch with ease. It is also important to buy clothes that are comfortable and a bit roomy. If your kids like to play a lot in the sand, avoid dressing them in expensive materials such as silk or cashmere. If you want to dress them up in a jiffy, don’t buy clothes with complex buttons. Instead, go for elastics, zippers and press buttons.